Drain Services Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a drain cleaning take?

Most of the time , a drain cleaning will only take an hour. Depends on what is stopping up the line and access points into the drain line.

How often should I get my drains cleaned?

Typically unless you are running something like a restaurant, you don't need routine drain cleaning. Routine cleanings are recommended when you know you have a problem with a drain such as roots, bellies, or heavy grease build up. For a recurring situations, here at A-1 Sewer and Drain, LLC, we offer every month, quarterly, every 6 month, and yearly services. We keep track of those and contact you when the month hits to set up a time to service your drain needs.

How will I know if I need a repair or replace a drain?

We can try a camera test or to run our own diagnostics on the drain line to give you our professional opinion. We do not however, replace pipes but can refer you to a list of great plumbers who do!

How can I prevent clogged drains?

Depending on the type of pipe(s) you have, you may not always be able to stop a clog, but you can try to prevent it. For main lines, watch what you flush, no paper towels, feminine products, or wipes of any kind. On small lines like sinks and tubs, you can run hot water for a minute or two after using soap. That will prolong a clog, however, soap suds turn to grease in lines and will eventually cause the drain to stop up.

What is hydro jetting?

Hydro Jetting is a service that is best for heavy sludge and grease lines. It uses the power of water to propel itself forward and allow us to pull the grease/sludge back towards us and flush the line out. Hydro-Jetting also works well with lines that have bellies/dips in them.

Why are my drains making bubbling noises?

Bubbling drains usually means one of two things.
1) A venting issue OR 2) you could have a partial stoppage. However it could be a number of things and we recommend calling an expert out to assess .